Derminax – acne pills for adults and adolescents

The dermatological drama of adolescence also touched you? Get rid of pimples and acne with one specialist tablet treatment!



Developed specification, modern accession to dermatological problems, great care for the safety of use. Tablets for acne, blackheads, blackheads and pimples are the most appropriate medication in the market that effectively eliminates the most common skin defects and in minors and adults. Derminax helps in a quick time in an absolutely controlled and sure way to get rid of youthful acne and common acne, remove blemishes and blackheads once and for all and take care of clean and nice skin appearance right after treatment.
Derminax are effective acne pills that wash the skin and the body of deposits, dead cells and bacteria that accumulate in the skin pores. Also through the effect on the hormonal balance they will allow to verify the level of excreted sebum, which prevents greasy and unnecessary peeling of the skin. One of the most important results of tablets for pimples, acne and eczema is the elimination of smaller skin spots: small scars and pustules that have remained after scratched or uninfected acne. A full course of treatment usually takes an average of three months, during which Derminax acne pills should be regularly used in the amount of 1-2 pieces depending on the severity of skin problems and individual body reactions. Their effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical experiments and studies, both on the example of adults and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Expert opinion

I have several decades of experience as a dermatologist, so I know perfectly well with skin problems. A popular basis for visits in my office are problems with juvenile and common acne, which moves more and more people even after they have gone through their growing up. The reason is usually poor diet, use of bad cosmetics or disturbed hormonal economy. Regardless of the reasons, I usually recommend them with Derminax acne tablets, which efficiently eliminates the main causes of skin disorders and allows the skin to regain its proper appearance, while the body restores proper hormonal balance.
What makes Derminax pimples and pimples stand out is its internal functioning. The mixture of minerals, vitamins and active ingredients goes to the blood, and then to the skin surface, strengthening the skin cells and eliminating acne. First of all, it inhibits the excess of emitted sebum, closes the pores of the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory influence, thanks to which damaged and weary skin in the place of impact by acne does not quickly infect. Such a wide functioning comes from the use of a unique formula based on a tinder, horsetail, copper, zinc and vitamins, which combined in one pill, act comprehensively on the body and support it in the fight against skin problems. Derminax are effective non-invasive acne pills for adolescents and adults with established and permanent effects. The supplement is available without a prescription and consultation with a doctor, thanks to which it can be used by people who have not been helped by previous dermatological consultations.

Customers opinion

Roksana 18 years old

Consultations with dermatologists and other prescribed specifics have not helped me at all. Until I used pills for Derminax acne, I was ashamed of my face.

Miłosz, 22 years old

Eczema and acne have accompanied me for many years. Then, during my studies, I managed to get rid of them. Thanks, Derminax!

Ewelina, 16 years old

My mother bought me Derminax, because it is a non-invasive medicine for young people. It was broken immediately after the first week of admission.

Jacek 28 years old

Juvenile acne came to me just before 30. Working at my age is not very effective, so I decided to take these pills. And it worked!

Monika 20 years

I recommend Derminax, a good medication for acne, blackheads and blackheads.


- Horsetail
- Vitamin C, B2 and E
- Common nettle