Profolan – say stop to the androgenetic alopecia


Alopecia affects every other man. You don’t have to be one of them. Profolan are hair growth pills that will prevent this process!



When choosing the best hair growth tablets, it is worth take into account not only their price, but above all the effectiveness of the action. Profolan is a guarantee of quick effects, scientifically proven impact on hair and long-lasting effectiveness, which will not be ensured by any other remedies available on the market. These are hair loss pills with a very innovative composition, which uses extracts from horsetail, nettle and l-cysteine, which are important in internal cell and tissue processes. Thanks to the fact that the supplement works from the inside of the body, its entire composition immediately dissolves in the blood and reaches the hair follicles, stimulating them for faster regeneration and growth. And the effects of such an impact can be seen on the outside: hair begins to grow on the balding places, becoming thicker and more durable. Profolan are the only hair loss pills that use the Grow3 formula to prevent excessive hair loss and instability of hair follicles. Regular use of the preparation has obviously proven action: men suffering from androgenetic alopecia can again enjoy the fantastic form of their hair, prevent excessive hair loss and stimulate the growth of newer and stronger hair.

The aforementioned composition of these tablets is also enriched with taurine - the active substance, which in the body is responsible for inhibiting the release of hair follicles, which means that it has an effect on preventing baldness. The use of Profolan is a much cheaper and more efficient alternative to a cosmetic procedure involving hair transplantation. Regularly using hair growth pills you don’t have to worry about their effectiveness. The preparation itself is available without a prescription, without consulting a doctor and without the need to visit a pharmacy - you can buy it directly from the manufacturer, and not overpay. The dosage of the dietary supplement is very simple: two tablets a day should be taken during the first meal and drunk with at least a glass of water. The whole treatment brings the best results after about 3 months of use, but the first visible effects are visible even after 2 weeks!

Expert opinion

Genetic conditions, poor diet, severe stress life, neurosis, psychological conditions, diseases. There are many reasons for baldness in men, although the vast majority of them result primarily from genes that are hard to deceive. Practically all commercially available hair growth pills cope with the causes of non-alopecia hair loss, but only Profolan allows to maintain dense and healthy hair also in the case of baldness resulting from genetic conditions. It is a very complex, modern and based on many years of research dietary supplement for hair loss, which I can recommend to all men. Both as a dermatologist with many years of experience as well as the representative of men struggling with this problem. Profolan are hair growth pills that give satisfactory results after only 2 weeks of use, and the best and most visible effects are after the end of the therapy. This can last from three to several months, depending on the results we want to achieve. However, in contrast to other hair loss products available on the market, Profolan has a long-term effect, and the effects of this activity persist for many months.
I can recommend these hair growth pills as an effective preparation with proven effect that will help men regain confidence by improving their appearance. Thick and strong hair, which does not fall out with handfuls and does not make bald patches on your head, does not have to be a dream for many balding men. Profolan hair growth pills will help them get back to their proper condition. Groundbreaking proved to be the Grow3 formula, which not only has a direct impact on the hair loss process, but above all actively participates in helping bulbs to faster growth, thanks to which the hair grows instantly. And at the same time they retain the hardness, resistance and flexibility that allows them to cover the scalp.

Customer opinions

Michał 48 years old

The treatment is faster and the results are very satisfactory. I recommend it.

Ignacy 55 years old

I got Profolan from children. It's the best hair growth pills I've used.

Waldemar 40 years

These tablets have made me still have lush hair on my head, and women still admire me.

Filip 62 years

I wanted to keep thick and strong hair, but with age it became more and more difficult. Now I don’t have to worry about it.

Jacek 51 years old

I started balding right after the 50th. Fortunately, I used Profolan and my problems disappeared.


- Horsetail
- Common nettle
- L-cysteine