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Ling Fluent – immediate results and short language learning


Eight foreign languages ​​and a strategy to learn them. It is impossible? Ling Fluent reveals that it is the most to gain. And in a short time!



The essence of the operation of Ling Fluent is extremely easy: just run the program, and then choose the one whose learning we intend to start from the list of available languages. The application itself will show us adapted sets of new words, which are grouped into intuitive categories such as health, work, family, facilitating universal learning. And then one should only follow the advice on the monitor - discovering the next words, learning their destination in direct sentences and finally learning about their Polish meaning. The Ling Fluent method of study developed by the appraisers is a functional and extremely simple way to learn extensive vocabulary in a foreign language, thanks to which you can easily and without problems communicate on holiday trips or during international work. Importantly, the technique affects students of any age; it also does not matter if you are barely learning a particular language, or you have already dealt with it - the way is universal so it's so well-suited even for people who are learning at an advanced age. The use of an online e-learning platform also works on the effectiveness of the method, because learning new words seems to be extremely interesting, attractive and diverse. At the same time, you can also verify the state of your own skills and progress made, and by repeating the exercises, effectively consolidate new words and learn how to use them in everyday interpersonal communication.

Expert opinion

For nearly twenty years I am a lecturer of English and French. I worked in schools and gave private lessons, learning the language skills of Poles at different ages. And these are unique, but usually they lack the appropriate lecturer or the appropriate technique to learn and consolidate the acquired knowledge. When the Ling Fluent method appeared on the market, I immediately examined it and immediately noticed that I and my students were waiting for it. Especially that it is a technique supported on e-learning, which teaches in a transparent manner, while at the same time particularly intuitive. Ling Fluent allows you to learn up to eight foreign languages, as you use the same areas of the brain that are used by adolescent children and are particularly active at the moment. Thanks to this, we assimilate words and expressions much more easily, it is also easier to remember them.

Where does its effectiveness come from?

However, the indisputable hit I recognize as an expert in language learning is the form and technique of science. Initially learning the new word, learning it later in the statement, and finally looking for his translation, we get used to it much better and faster than if we did it in a reverse chronology. This method of learning allows for more active use of the brain and speeds up the process of memorizing new words. When teaching foreign languages, I focus on broadening the vocabulary in the main order, and then in the second one to present a detailed grammar. Ling Fluent is based on this value, allowing you to identify a myriad of foreign words, put them in sentences, and use them in the right context. And that is much more important in normal language communication. So I recommend this strategy and program as an effective and effective tool for learning other languages, which gives first satisfactory results after a really short time.

Customers opinion

Jacek 22 years

Throughout my school years, I did not learn languages ​​as well as I did with Ling Fluent

Mirek 41lat

I had to learn English quickly because I was going abroad. Ling Fluent helped me do it in a flashy time

Iza 28 years old

It works. We draw from this technique with a partner and we both make quick progress!

Beata 31y.o.

I recommend! I am learning the third language so effectively and I get along without any problems.

Karol 18y.o.

Excellent preparation for the Matura exam, conceived exercises and functional program support.

Przemysław 55 years old

I was wary because learning languages ​​at my age? Meanwhile, Ling Fluent actually worked!