Hair Care Panda – Take care of your hair with an unconventional and effective supplement

Hair Care Panda Jelly is a dietary supplement designed for regular use to help improve the condition of any type of hair. A product beneficial for vegans.



Vitamins for hair in jellies favorable for vegans are a response to the requests of our consumers, to make efficiency, convenience and delicious taste in a form that is also affordable for vegetarians as well as vegans. Each nutrient in the preparation contains in the suggested dose for consumption 100% or more of its daily requirement. The elements included in the formula greatly affect hair of any kind: tired of various types of treatments, weakened by pregnancies, devoid of energy, damaged by the effects of poor diet and many other circumstances. Hair Care Panda is an extremely convenient method of caring for your hair, because it is enough that after a meal every day we eat only 2 jellies! Biotin included in the supplement helps maintain healthy hair and skin, helps in proper nervous system function, stimulates the possibility of mental activity, indicated in moments of prolonged fatigue and during convalescence after nervous breakdowns. Zinc is responsible for maintaining proper acid-base balance, proper testosterone status, comprehensive metabolism in proper condition! Selenium helps to maintain healthy hair and nails, supports the proper functioning of the immune system and thyroid, contributes to the proper course of spermatogenesis. Remember to not exceed the recommended portion to be taken during the day. Dietary supplement can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or active style of functioning.

Expert's opinion:

I am a trichologist with over 25 years of experience. In my career, I met with various hair related defects and approaches each of them with great precision. Pretty recently my Hair Care Panda came into my hands, which was supposed to have a unique impact on the condition and complex look of our hair. Initially, I approached this topic unfavorably, because the form in which we are offered this supplement, ie jelly beans, made me laugh and I found out that this is just another way to draw the attention of users and simply "earn". It did not give me peace of mind, however, that he gets numerous, praiseworthy opinions and almost every person with whom I discussed about Hair Care Panda is charmed by the results of use! It interested me and I decided to personally check the effects of its impact and thoroughly familiarize myself with the composition! To my surprise, the effects are indeed remarkable and in my opinion this is due to the well-chosen and properly calculated ingredients! From my observations, it appears that the initial positive results are noticeable after only 1-2 weeks of use. Successively, the hair becomes more and more durable, healthier, thicker in the structure and less and less fall out. Similar information is also provided by the manufacturer, so I can certify their authenticity! If we have a problem with your hair, I always advise you to contact an expert, however, using this product will certainly not hurt us, and believe me that it can work wonders! With a clear conscience, I recommend this supplement to anyone in need!

Customers opinion :

Henryk 27 years old,
Trouble with hair is our norm. Thanks to Hair Care Panda, my tired hair got sparkle!
Wojciech 58 years,
Already as a young person I knew that in the future I will have big problems! Hair Care Panda came with help.
Marta 69 years old,
I have always cared for my hair, but with the course of years they lost their glow. A friend recommended me Hair Care Panda and I am eternally grateful to her!
Monika 19 years old,
I envied my friends with dense, beautiful hair ... Now they can envy me!


- Biotin
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin E
- Zinc
- Selenium